Chambers is a collaboration between Gabriel Saloman and Michael Red, who loosely describe the project as “experimental dub,” initially inspired by Rhythm & Sound. "Their tracks are gently driven by heaving rhythms and thundering basslines, sounds which subsist in a gaseous atmosphere somewhere in the hinterlands between ambient and straightforward dub music." - Andrew Ryce (Resident Advisor / Pitchfork)

Since their debut opening for Shackleton in 2012 they have performed on bills with some of the most exciting contemporary electronic music producers around including Kuedo, The Bug, Kangding Ray and Kode 9. Live their sound creates a space of mood, resonance and energy, expansiveness and raw expression.

Gabriel Saloman, interdisciplinary artist, writer and curator, performs solo under his own name and is known for his part in the seminal psych-noise duo Yellow Swans. His recent recordings have appeared on Miasmah, Beacon Sound and Shelter Press. In Chambers, he plays guitar, tapes, and live analog processes.

Michael Red produces and performs sound system music under his own name and ambient-leaning music as Souns, is a well respected Vancouver DJ and founding member of the notorious of Lighta! Sound, curator for New Forms Festival, and runs events and a small music label under the name Low Indigo. In Chambers, he uses a laptop with midi-controllers set up like a traditional dubwise mixing desk, creating new "versions" on the spot and adding further processing to Gabriel's signal.

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